What We Do


We are Business Planning and Grant Application Consultants in the United Kingdom to the Agricultural, Horticultural, Agribusiness, Fish, Food Processing and General Manufacturing Sectors. We work for all types of businesses and organisations.



Our Objectives


To obtain Grant Aid for our clients, raise their Profits, Net Worth and Liquidity and fulfil their business objectives. Since our formation in 1984, we have undertaken 547 consultancy assignments for 231 clients. We have prepared 174 Grant Applications for clients, of which 129 (74%) have been successful. These resulted in Grant Awards to the value of £18.53 million.



Contacting Us


Instructions on how to contact us to obtain FREE ADVICE AND GRANT APPLICATION PACKS are available by clicking Contact Us.



Our Services


We provide Advisory, Consultancy, Budgeting and Report Writing services.



The majority of our work involves:


Preparation of Grant Applications and Claims


* Business Appraisals


* Business and Project Planning


* Business Co-operative Feasibility Studies and Planning


* Grant Scheme Searches


* Business Borrowing Applications


* Financial Loss Assessments


* Development Impact Assessments


Information on the above services is available by clicking Our Services.



Our Service Benefits


A summary of the benefits you will obtain by commissioning our services is available by clicking Our Service Benefits



Our Client Sectors


A list of the business sectors we mainly work in is available by clicking Our Client Sectors.



Grant Schemes


Details of current Grant Schemes to fund up to 50% of Capital and Non Capital Costs are available by clicking on Grant Schemes.